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Neville Simpson Photography



Only God could've done it!

I prayed for a ministry and God revealed

to me photography. Within a year

I became my church's photographer

and I established N'Sighl Photography.

In January 2015 I made the decision to

move to Neville Simpson Photography.

God is good!!!


The Dream:

Growing up, I had both passion and talent

for drawing and painting. However, as I shifted

 my focus in pursuit of an engineering career,

I found little time to explore and cultivate this talent.

All of that changed a couple years ago when I made

the decision to accept Christ as my lord and

personal savior and be baptized at a local church.

I made this decision out of a sincere desire to serve

God - even though I did not have a ministry at that time.


It's amazing what God will do in your life, if you

just seek him first and remain obedient to His Word.

Shortly after I joined the church, I overheard a

conversation in bible study class. Someone was

commenting on how the church "used to have a

photographer" and the idea came to me to purchase

a camera and give it a try. Within a few months, I was

appointed church photographer and this lead to the

birth of my ministry.


The Blessings:

Along the way God has allowed me to meet some

very helpful and nurturing individuals. One such

individual is Beth Boldt. She is the fashion

photographer who discovered Naomi Campbell. With

the Lord's guidance and the support of spirit led

encouragers, many doors have been opened for

my ministry.


In the beginning, I volunteered to take some practice

shots for my portfolio at a friend's wedding. The

pictures were well received and they offered to

purchase them. With a photo from my second roll of

film, I won a photo contest. Since then, I have

continued to do a wide range of photography - from

weddings and portraits to inspirational fine art. A year

after beginning my ministry, I established NHS Fine

Arts, Inc. Under this company, I operate N'Sight



The Beauty:

Photography has allowed me to capture the beauty of

life that I could not find time to illustrate in drawings.

God does not provide you with a talent as a burden.

When a talent is God sent, as I feel mine is, He will

provide you with all the tools you need to be

successful God grants you the ability to see what

great value lies in the little gifts you are given. Having

faith in His word allows you the courage to do great



The Struggles:

I would be remiss if I only told you of the ups of

accepting my call of photography as my ministry. It

isn't easy. For one thing, it takes rearranging your

priorities. Like my pastor says, "It can't be a

convenient thing".  You can't always fit it into your

schedule - sometimes it takes you rearranging your

schedule around it. It is impossible to add to a full

schedule without giving up something. But don't be

like I was for a long time, blinded by what I was giving

up and not seeing what I was gaining. I had doubts, but

as I have learned, it is not about me. If God has

blessed you with a gift, you have a responsibility to use

it for His glory.


Also, let not your blessing become the source of your

down fall by putting it before God. I enjoyed

photography so much that I found myself taking time

away from God's time to do it. It is funny how God

gave me the gift of photography and I turned around

and elevated it above Him. Don't deny God. Deny

your self and He will do wonders through you. Will

you be used?


The Challenge:

I challenge you to step out on faith, totally trust Him,

and be blessed. Be sure to give Him the glory

because when the praises go up abundantly, the

blessing truly comes down. This is my praise report.

Where is yours?