Brittni and Johnathon Engagement Session – Downtown Huntsville, AL

I met Brittni and Johnathon on a very chilly and windy Saturday afternoon in downtown Huntsville for their engagement session. They are two beautiful young people and since this was my first time meeting them I strongly relied on their chemistry and interaction with each other as my guide for the shoot. My observation of them put me in a mindset of playful, childhood sweethearts, “you hang up, no you hang up” 🙂 , BFF kind of love which is what I tried to captured in our session.

After enduring the cold for a few outside shots, we headed inside the Springhill Suites Downtown Huntsville to warm up for some indoor shots. I am very excited to be shooting their wedding in a few months and I look forward to seeing them grow with each other in their marriage!


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2 Responses to “Brittni and Johnathon Engagement Session – Downtown Huntsville, AL”

  1. Stanley Parrish

    Nice work man!

  2. admin

    I appreciate it Stanley! #Blessing

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75 Years of Marriage – Huntsville Wedding Photographer

Huntsville Wedding PhotographerDSC_5949cropWEB

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing Brittni and Johnathon who are in their twenties and today I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph Ivan and Mattie Toney, who also got married in their twenties, 75 YEARS AGO!!!  Yes, you heard me correctly, they are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary today.  What an amazing milestone and unheard of longevity and commitment.  The beautiful thing is they are still in love with each other and share a sense of humor about their relationship. In fact as I was taking their photos, Mr. Toney said to me, “I like all this hugging and kissing, I am going to have to pay you to come by every day to take our photos.” LOL

Brittni and Johnathon, your journey has just begun and the sky is the limit. I pray God continues to bless and keep you and you never know, God willing maybe one day the two of you will be celebrating 75+ years of marriage. 😉

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Congratulations to Our Ultimate Romantic Session Winners!!!


Congratulations to Alexandrea and Juan for winning our  2015 Ultimate Romantic Session Contest (Romantic Session Theme: Love in the City – Bama meets New York City).  I am very excited to be working with these two love birds and making their vision a reality.  The shoot is set to take place in New York City this July.  Stay tuned for the images from what is sure to be an Epic session!

Thank you to each and every couple who submitted their story and vision to the contest.  I am definitely looking forward to working with each of you in the near future!!!


Neville Simpson

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The Ultimate Romantic Session Contest Finalists

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their perfect romantic session idea with us.  We got so many entries to this amazing contest and picking the top five entries was much harder than we could have imagined.  Thanks to our four member panel for making this tough decision. Congratulations to our finalists… may the odds and love forever be in your favors!

Let the voting begin…

4 Simple Steps:

  1. Read each entry below
  2. Pick your Favorite
  3. Visit and “LIKE” our Facebook Page:
  4. “LIKE” the Photo of the couple you which to vote for!



Couple #1

Jazmine + Michael

Romantic Session Theme:  Moon Light on the Beach – God, Nature and Love

A romantic session for me with my Love would be a night time session. The location of our shoot would be on the beach in Bora Bora and or Destin. I would like the night time to catch how he sees me in the moonlight from God and high candles. I would do a vibrant yellow and or coral halter dress. It would drop mid back and come around the front and wrap around my neck like a choker necklace. No shoes. El would have on a button down Gold or royal blue shirt with cream or tan linen pants with a white Kangoo. No shoes. I would love us in the water with the sun setting and then pictures as we are watching each other and then separately. Him kissing me in front of the moon with the ocean clashing together behind us! Then throwing the football on the beach or us just in our laid back nature enjoying and loving on each other. Would like to have some in a hammock. The glow of the moon and the ocean sounds and sand set the atmosphere of how we are with each and our love can lady and maintain. With the elements of God, Nature and Love. That is El’s and I most romantic session!



Couple #2

Alexandrea + Juan

Romantic Session Theme: Love in the City – Bama meets New York City

Juan and I love laughter, music, poetry, cooking and traveling. I would love to have a photo shoot that captures it all! I think New York would be a perfect place to capture the beauty of the city and our love.

Our love began behind a lens and I think that is the perfect way to capture its continuity. A sunset background photo at Brooklyn Bridge would symbolize the solid foundation we have built over the waters that have tried to tear us apart. This would be a casual shot, with nice jeans and black dress shirts. I love heels and the flair, so let’s throw that in!

Another location I would love to take a photo that captures our love is Times Square. Juan and I made it official on 1.11.11 and everyone knows the best place to celebrate the New Year is in New York! We are both so silly, so I would imagine this to be a very fun shot, bringing a little southern love to the big city. Our BAMA-Auburn rivalry could be depicted through various sports attire. I’ve always loved the photos focused on the couple as everyone else passes by. I think that photo is so symbolic of how so many others pass before you but your focus is on the one you love.

I have so many other ideas I would love to share if we are selected for this wonderful opportunity. I can’t wait!


Couple #3

Ameisha + Ryne

Romantic Session Theme: Luther Vandross’s Love Songs

My perfect Romantic Session would be shot in Miami during the summer.  Luther Vandross sung, “I  hope you know I’d gladly go,  Anywhere you take me. What a wonderful day…It’s so amazing to be loved, I’d follow you to the moon and sky above.”  Our romantic session would capture the perfect day as follows:

The Private Plane surprise: Ryne surprises Ameisha with a private jet ride. The two of them approach the jet with bags. I’m covering your eyes with my hands. I reveal the private jet. I help you up the stairs and into the cabin. Inside of the cabin we pour champagne and toast to our love. Destination Miami.  Special effects: Being that it is a surprise,  Ameisha could wear a black satin mask then Ryne step pull it down for her or stand to the side so he can view her expression. Capturing the essence of the surprise, Ameisha and Ryne are known for “talking with their faces.”

The Check-In: We check into the Waldorf Astoria and enjoy the elegant lobby.  Special Effects:  Have someone greet us with glasses of champagne on a silver platter. Not limited to only the lobby the indoor/outdoor pool areas are both very scenic.

 Botanical Gardens:The two of us stroll through the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens enjoying the greenery and lush vegetation of South Florida. Special Effects:  Tropical vegetation and the rainforest

Boat: We charter a private boat. We enjoy each other’s company while enjoying fresh fruit. We gaze out into the ocean with the Miami skyline in the background.  Special effects: Shot at sunset with the skyline in the background.

Beach: The two of us walk along the beach with the ocean lapping at our feet. We walk along the pier to get a glimpse of the setting sun.  If the weather permits, Ameisha typically swims and Ryne watches her swim in the water.  Special Effects: Framing us against the length of the pier, capturing water adventures

Restaurant/Rooftop: We sit at the table eating a candlelit dinner enjoying cocktails and conversations. Special Effects: Using the Miami skyline as a backdrop

“I could stay forever forever. Love brought us together, together I will leave you never and never  I guess we’ve got amazing love… It’s so amazing to be loved I’d follow you to the moon and sky above”


Couple #4

Darlene + Sahens

Romantic Session Theme: A Perfect Match Made in Heaven – Songs of Solomon

Since we were going to have the appropriate bible verse with the theme, we decided to have an album illustrating love verses.  Songs of Solomon is the book of love so we did not have to look any further…

•   “His left arm is under my head and his right arm embraces me.” – Song of Solomon 2:6
•   “Let us go early to the vineyards.” – Song of Solomon 7:12
•   “Strengthen me with raisins refresh me with apples for I am faint with love.” – Song of Solomon 2:5

•   “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth for your love is more delightful than wine.” – Song of Solomon 1:2
•   “See The winter is past the rains are over and gone.” – Song of Solomon 2:11
•   “Turn your eyes from me they overwhelm me.” – Song of Solomon 6:5
•   “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” – Song of Solomon 6:3
•   “I belong to my beloved and his desire is for me.” – Song of Solomon 7:10
•   “I held him and would not let him go.” – Song of Solomon 3:4
•   “Let him lead me to the banquet hall and let his banner over me be love.” – Song of Solomon 2:4

•   “Take me away with you–let us hurry” – Song of Solomon 1:4

Love through the lenses…



Couple #5

Leslie + Eric

Romantic Session Theme: Sleepless in Savannah – A tribute to Big Mama

Eric and I are both from Huntsville, AL. and he was the boy that grew up in the house right in front of where my grandparents lived. As we grew older and life began to happen, Eric went off to the Army and I moved to Nashville to pursue my education. When Eric would return home (unknowingly to me) he would always stay at my grandmother’s house as he always considered her a mother figure in his life. In June 2012 my grandmother passed away. So I came home for her funeral and to my surprise after 15 years of not seeing or hearing from him, there he was at my grandmother’s house to pay his respects to her and my family! We immediately chatted and caught up after all those years. We have been together ever since that day! And we credit Big Mama for bringing us together!

So Eric and I have been dating for 2 1/2 years until about 4 weeks ago when he popped the BIG question and now we’re engaged!!! The interesting thing about us is that our entire 2 1/2 year relationship has been long distance. Eric lives in Savannah, GA and I currently live in Huntsville, AL. So while dating we met up and still continue to meet up in the Atlanta, GA which is the halfway point for both of us. So we’ve spent our entire relationship going between the three cities of Savannah, Huntsville and Atlanta.

If we were to win the ultimate romantic session, our perfect romantic session would be in the city of Savannah, GA in the Historic District. We would love for the session to start on cool afternoon day. I could see his handsome brown skin, light brown eyes, and his suave debonair self in a crisp suit holding me in his masculine arms on a cobblestone street in an oak-shaded park drizzling with silvery Spanish Moss. The sun would be our backdrop as we would kiss and sway side to side to our own music. My long flowing sun dress would dance in the wind creating a magical moment for the camera to capture. However, we wouldn’t even know the camera was there because we would just be in the moment enjoying being in each other’s arms because we don’t get that chance as often as other couples do.

We would then move the session a few streets over to downtown Savannah on River St. On River Street, ships from around the globe sail by with the century old buildings that have glittering lights that bounce off the Savannah River. The sun would be setting and we would be hand in hand overlooking the beautiful sites blessed that we found each other. We would want an image to be captured that even 40 years from now someone would look at the pictures and no words would need to be said because they could feel the love from the photo.

Thanks so much for this opportunity to just let you know a little about us and we hope we are your couple chosen!

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11 Responses to “The Ultimate Romantic Session Contest Finalists”

  1. Teri Trickey

    I really hope Leslie and Eric get this opportunity. Leslie is such a beautiful person inside and out! She deserves this photo shoot with the love of her life. God bless and good luck Leslie and Eric!

  2. jenise Washington

    I vote for Leslie and Eric!!!!

  3. Cassandra M Kellum

    Beautiful! Good luck guys!

  4. Rosalind Bunch

    Couple #5

  5. Jennifer Middleton

    I hope ya’ll win!

  6. Glory

    I vote for couple # 2 Alexandria and Juan

  7. Glory

    Good luck!!

  8. lisaw.

    Very Romantic.and deserving.

  9. Bobbi Broils

    Couple #2 is my favorite

  10. Bobbi Broils

    Couple #2 is my favorite. I love their story.

  11. Pukatteo Laguerre

    Couple number four is the best idea………….. I Love it

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Blessed with an AMAZING gift of capturing love in an Artistic and Passionate way like none other, Neville wants to give YOU (and your Valentine) the chance to win a FREE Romantic Session!

 His business moto is, ‘The Art of Love: Your Love, Your Story, Your Art’, and wants you to experience every facet of one his sessions:

Your Love – We will capture your love

Your Story – We will create your very own one of a kind Love Storybook

Your Art – We will create a custom wall art for your home



Email the following to us at

  • Female Name
  • Female Email:
  • Female Phone:
  • Male Name:
  • Male Email:
  • Male Phone: (more…)
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  1. Jazmine Robinson

    I would love to enter but who do I email the entry to?

    • admin

      Hi Jazmine, Thanks for your interest and for letting us know we missed adding the email address. I just added it. Thanks much!!!

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